Monday, November 30, 2015

December 1, 2015

Welcome to Computer Science and Software Engineering!

Mr. Coupland (pronounced "Copeland")

Handout: Activity 1.1.2 Lightbot

Essential Questions for Unit 1
  • Q1 – How do computers perform complicated tasks built from simple instructions?
  • Q2 – How are variables used in programming?
  • Q3 – How do programmers approach a complicated problem?
  • Q4 – What role does creativity play in algorithmic programming?
  • Q5 – What makes for a good process for collaborative software development?
Terms & Concepts for Today: input, output, procedure, state, state machine.

  • Seat assignments
  • Course overview
  • Materials needed: notebook
  • Introduction to pair programming
  • Light bot activity -  (click Demo Puzzles - Web at bottom)
  • Notes: PowerPoint on input, output, and state.
  • Continue work on Lightbot
Homework:  Finish Light Bot activity, due tomorrow