Wednesday, March 15, 2017

March 16, 2017

Objective: Get set for trimester 3!

  • Meet your teammates
    • Introduce yourselves
    • Discuss: why you took this course
    • The most interesting thing you learned in the first trimester
    • Your favorite subject, hobby, sport, or other interest
    • Take notes.  Be prepared to introduce your teammates by name and tell one interesting thing about them.
    • Introductions to the class
  • Challenge: with your team, develop an algorithm for sorting a line of students by height. Only two students can move at a time.  Write your algorithm in pseudocode on a whiteboard.
  • Web site, blog, and calendar
  • Overview of trimester 3 
  • If you registered for the AP exam, you should be enrolled in the AP section
  • CSP Student Survey
  • Classroom norms
  • Accounts and tools
    • - create an account, then join your section by going to 
    • - if you plan to use Python

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